Find out how to play the Multi-Hand Blackjack online

Game Description

Enjoy triple the action with this multi-hand blackjack. Play one, two, or three hands against the Dealer, as you compete for the higher score. Double, Hit, Stand, Surrender and Insurance are all available options in this six-deck version that has the dealer hitting on soft 17. Perfect scores of 21 in the initial two-hand deal are rewarded with 3 to 2 payouts; all other wins are paid even-money. Think you’ve got what it takes to beat the dealer and dominate the blackjack felt? Find out how you stack up in the most popular of all online casino games. 


How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack pits you against the Dealer in a race to the higher hand. Just don’t go over 21 points, or you lose automatically – same with the Dealer. If you’re playing online blackjack for real money, use Real Play mode. If you’re simply looking to develop your skills, use Practice Play mode.

Before starting the round, customize the decks by choosing the style and color that speaks to you. Afterwards, you can start a round by wagering between $1 and $500 using the colored casino chips found at the bottom of the screen. You can play one, two or three hands per round with this version of 21. 

After placing your bets, hit the “Deal” button to start the action. For each hand, you receive two cards face up on the table. The Dealer, meanwhile, receives two cards – one is face up and one is concealed. The total value of each of your hands is displayed on the screen; you can increase it by Doubling or Hitting. When you’re ready to face off with the Dealer, tap “Stand.” If you don’t like your chances from the get-go, you can always forfeit via the Surrender button and start a new round. Under certain circumstances, you can divide a hand into two hands. See below under Player Options for details for each action.


Online Blackjack Rules - Ignition Casino

Online Blackjack Rules

•    Six decks are used in this version of blackjack. Cards are shuffled before every round
•    Dealer will hit on soft 17 hands.
•    Blackjack offers three payouts: 3-2 for hands of Blackjack, 2-1 on Insurance, and even-money for all other wins. 
•    You can split up to two hands every round. 
•    Upon splitting Aces, you cannot re-split them. You will receive one and only one more card. If a split Ace receives a 10-value card, that hand is not considered Blackjack. 
•    You may choose to Surrender your initial two-card hand.


Blackjack Player Options 

We briefly mentioned the different options you have in the How to Play Blackjack section, but we’ll go over each of them in greater detail here. In this version of blackjack, you can Hit or Stand, Double, Surrender, Split and get Insurance.

Hit adds another card to your blackjack hand. Hit as often as you’d like, but if you exceed 21 points, it’s game over.

Stand is what you press when you’re satisfied with your hand and want to compare it to the Dealer’s hand. You can stand at any point in the round.

Double involves putting another wager on the table that’s equal to your original wager and receiving one more card. You cannot Hit afterwards.

Surrender forfeits the round. You get back half of your wager. This game is equipped with late surrender, meaning it’s available after the Dealer peaks for Blackjack. You cannot surrender after hitting or doubling.

Split your hand into two individual hands when they’re of equal value. You can split two hands per round for a total of three hands in action.

Insurance is offered when the Dealer’s up-card is an Ace. It costs half of your wager (if you bet $5, Insurance would cost another $2.50) and pays you 2:1 if the Dealer has Blackjack, making you break even. If the Dealer doesn’t have Blackjack, you lose the Insurance bet and the round progresses normally. 

How to Win in Blackjack - Ignition Casino

How to Win in Blackjack


The best type of win is a Blackjack, which is a hand that consists of an Ace and a 10-rank card. It must be your initial two-card hand, and cannot have been split. These hands are instant wins (unless both Dealer and Player get Blackjack) and pay 3:2.

Normal Win

Normal wins pay 1:1. If you have a higher score than the Dealer – up to a maximum of 21 points – you win. You also win when the Dealer exceeds 21 points and your score is under 22 points.  


A push is a tie. Your wager is returned to you in the case of a push.


When the Dealer’s up-card is an Ace, you’ll be offered Insurance for an additional stake of half your original wager. This bet pays 2:1 if the Dealer has Blackjack.


This blackjack comes with the late surrender option. You can forfeit a round and retrieve half your wager by surrendering your initial two cards, but only after the Dealer checks his hand for Blackjack. 


How to Bet in Blackjack - Ignition Casino

How to Bet in Blackjack

•    Bets must be a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $500. To place a bet, click a casino chip ($1, $5, $25, $100, $500) and then click the center of the betting rectangle. You can also place chips on the two neighboring rectangles to play multiple hands. 


Blackjack Card Values

Regardless of what kind of blackjack you’re playing, the card values are the same. Suits have
no bearing on the score.

•    Aces are worth 1 or 11 points
•    Face cards are worth 10 points
•    All other cards are worth pip value (Example: Five is worth 5 points