Are there deposit fees?

As of August 22nd, 2017, the following deposit fees apply on Ignition Casino:

• Bitcoin:  100% free deposits and withdrawals
• Visa/MC: 5.9%
• Amex: 9.9%

When processing your credit card deposit, your card issuing bank may impose fees as outlined below. Ignition Casino does not collect these fees or benefit in any way, and as such you will be responsible for any additional costs.

Cash Advance Fees
Credit card issuing banks are responsible for determining how a transaction is processed, which may result in some transactions being processed as cash advances.


International Service (Currency Conversion) Fees

Your bank may charge up to a 3% International Service or Currency Conversion Fee for any transaction made with an international merchant using your debit card. 


For more information, please Contact Us and we will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.