Space Traders

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Game Description

Meet Queen Bea – the central figure from Space Traders. She has the ability to set you up with an artifact that’s so far out, it’s from space. Through nine reels that spin on a 3X3 grid, there are 243 unique combinations to trigger payouts. On top of that, there’s a re-spin feature and Queen Bea’s bonus round. Titled Space Junk Bonus, it takes you to Bea’s shop where you get to browse her inventory and pick valuable souvenirs. Satisfaction is guaranteed: if you don’t like the offer, ask for a new one.




Lucky Play

  • At the start of every round, one of 10 icons will be selected as the lucky icon. If you land three or more of them on your spin, they lock into place and trigger a re-spin. If more lucky icons come from the re-spin, the feature continues. All the matching lucky symbols pay double the amount shown in the paytable.


Space Junk Bonus

  • In the Space Junk Bonus Round, Queen Bea and Handy Max present you with five items. Pick three items and inspect their value. If you don’t like the payout, you can ask for a new deal. Bea is willing to present three deals per bonus round.


Additional Information

  • 9 reels on 3X3 grid.