30-Ball Bingo

Game Description

There's nothing like the fast-paced action of 30 Ball Bingo to give you that immediate shot of adrenaline. All bingo players far and wide love a good round of suspense, and that's just what this online specialty game offers. Played on a 3x3 grid, each card in this key variation of bingo has nine numbers, and your goal is to tick off as many numbers as you can to get a full house. It's all about speed and action with this version of bingo, so brace yourself because you could be seconds away from a huge win.



How to Play 30-Ball Bingo


  1. Select the number of cards played.
  2. Select the number of balls called.
  3. Select the coin value associated with each card.
  4. You'll see your total bet at the bottom of the game screen.
  5. Select "Buy New Cards" to complete your purchase and begin playing.


Additional Information

  • This game features automatic card ordering where the card with the highest wins (or best chance of winning) is put at the front page of your set of cards. The colored borders indicate how close you are to a win.