Sudoku Box Game

Game Description

Sudoku, the popular classic Japanese game, has recently become quite popular the world over. You need to enter numbers from one through nine into a special grid, but making sure you don't repeat any given number within the same row, column or region. Now you can play this great game in slot form. Go ahead, test your wits and see if you can score a cash win while you're at it. With its engaging design and plenty of chances to win, this a game that'll have you hooked from the get go.


How to Play Sudoku

  • Confirm your wager by selecting the coin size and number of coins.
  • Select "Spin" to set the Sudoku boxes in motion and the new numbers will be unveiled on the grid.


How to Win

  • If you receive three or more matching numbers in the grid, you are awarded a win. The more numbers you match, the bigger the win. You can also match multiple sets of numbers on the same spin.
  • If all the numbers from 1 to 9 appear without any repetition, a jackpot will be awarded and you will have successfully completed the Sudoku game. Additionally, if you get all the digits in order from top left to bottom right, you are awarded the top paying jackpot.